Urban Chronicles 6: Carlos Hernández Reyes

This post is also available in: Spanish

Starting with a poem I wrote dedicated to the work of Comando Doctor Carlos Hernández Reyes, the artist Alecus evolutionized the idea in presenting Carlos’ new role in the afterlife,-to become a true Guardian Angel, after being one on earth as a dedicated CDS volunteer.

Credit: Alecus

Translation: “Guardian Angels”
Doctor Carlos leaves the main base after working the night shift at the walk in clinic. It was 11:53am.
Carlos: Why me?
Angel: You have done many great things during your life. You worked hard to become a doctor. You loved your family. You saved many lives without recieving anything in return, you rescued many people in danger, (Angel takes Carlos to heaven), you have been called to continue saving lives.. You will be one of us.

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