Comandos Awarded Recognition by President of El Salvador

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CDS were presented with face to face presidential recognition for the heroic work the institution did at the treasurery department 4th level fire last July 7th where 4 people died.

During a formal ceremony, President Sanchez Ceren formally recognized the National Fire Dept, Comandos, Green Cross, Social Security, FOSALUD, Health Ministry, and government employees of the treasury dept who collaborated together in stamping the fire out within an hour and a half.

Also recognized for their service was the occupational securitY and the environmental corps for immediately evacuating more than 320 people present in the building.

The following people received the medal star of Nu Tanesi:

Supervisor of the environmental corps and security of the treasury dept.,Carlos Castro. José Francisco Zeceña of the National Fire Dept., Jorge Alberto Meléndez, of Red Cross; Elvis Alexis Morales Rodas, Of Green Cross and veteran Comando Luis Adalberto Canales Colato.

Medals of Valor were also given to Salvadoran Airforce pilots Hector Rafael Marroquín Chacón, Sidney Ernesto Marenco Ardón, Robinson Salvador Cubias González, Luis Alfonso Amaya Medrano aircraft specialist Saúl Moisés Flores Cruz for their bravery, courage and professionalism while evacuating two employees from the roof. The Salvadoran government also donated 35,000 dollars to the Red Cross, Green Cross and Comandos to help each institution and their mission to offer EMS services throughout the country.

El Salvador, Salvador Sánchez Cerén awarding Comandos Executive Director, Roberto Cruz.

Salvador Sánchez Cerén placing an award on the coat of arms flag of Comandos de Salvamento.

 The president placing a star medal  “Nu Tanesi”  on Luis Adalberto Canales Colato.

Medallas Estrella “Nu Tanesi” otorgadas a los héroes.

2 thoughts on “Comandos Awarded Recognition by President of El Salvador”

  1. The CDS truly deserves this recognition by the Salvadoran government, as well as the entire international community. Maybe if more societies had citizen participation in the protection of vulnerable but innocent fellow citizens, local communities would grow stronger and more self-reliant everywhere. The CDS could be the model of progressive aid for neglected people, including immigrants, the poor, and the unemployed, women, gay people and the elderly. A sad world is tired of violence! We need new heroes everywhere. Muchas gracias, de la gente de toto mundo.

    1. Denny, thanks for this genuine comment. I thought the same back in 1996 when I first met the Comandos. The Comandos were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize over 20 years ago. At that time they were stigmatized still by elements within El Salvador and outside of El Salvador due to their strict neutrality (like doctors without borders)-of helping both sides of the civil war during combat. The only group that supported and continue as the main sponsor of their work is People’s Norwegian Aid.
      In fact, right now, The Dominican Republic has reached out to us to possibly create a collaborative bridge to possibly start a Comandos Afiliado base there.

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