Offering First Aid Healthcare

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Socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento mantienen un sistema de patrullajes tanto en el campo de la feria y Consuma, donde se ayuda a las personas que sufren cualquier tipo de dolencias como parte de la atención pre hospitalaria.

Comandos have a very well planned prehospital community health plan of response organized to support the wonderful Salvadoran public that are attending la Féria and Consuma events. Dozens of the public have sought health services already.  For the third of August, Comandos will have over 100 volunteers and 25 ambulances ready to attend the Comercio parade.

Comandos de Salvamento’s main station is located in building 4 at the Féria Consuma and flyers about our services can be obtained. Comandos are grateful for having the opportunity to support the public. ¡Viva EL SALVADOR!

Although the children are seeking out facepainting, the best painters are from Perú.

Arte de retrato artístico.

Comandos de Salvamento volunteer checking vitals.

Basic transport.

Comandos de Salvamento Informational booth.

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