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Comandos de Antigua Cuscatlán attend an accident at Bulevar Luis Poma.

During the month of January 2021, CDS attended many tragic traffic accidents throughout the country. On average CDS attended to an average of five per day.  The National Transit Authority has reported more than five accidents involving motorcycles during the first five days of January.

This last Thursday morning, the Antiguo Cuscatlán CDS base dispatched a team to respond to an accident at el Blvd. Luis Poma where a car had crashed into another vehicle and then hit an electrical pole resulting in two injured. The patients were stabilized and transported to San Rafael Hospital in Santa Tecla.

Only hours later at km marker 2.5 along the Comalapa highway, a 27yo motorcyclist presented with shoulder and lower extremity injuries after being affected by a hit and run. Said patient was secured and transported to higher level of care at the nearest Social Security Hospital.



That same early morning along the Apopa highway towards Nejapa, two motorcycles got into a head on collision involving a 43yo male presenting with a fractured lower right leg and a 21yo male presenting with a clavícula and lower extremity trauma. Both were stabilized on scene and transported to higher level of care.

First Responders attend to one patient of the two motorcycle head on collision.

Also, in the interior part of the country, CDS of Berlín assisted a 23yo female who presented with pelvic trauma after colliding with another vehicle in the Dept. of Usulután.

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