Tropical Storm 🌀Imminent Danger

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Tree removal on the roads.
Comandos de Salvamento collaborates in the removal of fallen trees.

Authorities of Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador have requested their volunteers to remain vigilant during this red alert declared by the General Directorate of Civil Protection as the rains will not disappear in the coming days due to the potential of Cyclone One, located in the Gulf of Mexico and generating humidity and rain in the country.

This puts vulnerable areas at risk, with landslides and rising rivers and streams due to water accumulation from previous days.

For this reason, Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador accompanies Civil Protection commissions to various communities to request at-risk individuals to evacuate to shelters that have been set up and are fully equipped.

This morning, Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador, in coordination with Civil Protection, evacuated some families living along the Acelhuate River in the Nuevo Israel Community sector in San Salvador.

Additionally, people were evacuated in Cantón Zapote Arriba, in Ayutuxtepeque, where they were taken to the shelter in Colonia Santísima Trinidad in Mejicanos.

The rescuers of Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador in Zacatecoluca took a dog and her puppies to a shelter in San Juan Nonualco.

Roberto Cruz, Executive Director of Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador, has requested his volunteers to take protective measures when entering high-risk areas and to ensure safety measures with electrical cables for the crews that cooperate in tree removals.

Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador provides its emergency number 2133-0000 to handle emergencies.

Dogs to the shelters.
They also deserve to go to safe places.
Some homes have been damaged during these rains.
Children to the shelters.
People from Cantón Zapote Arriba are being kept safe.
Authorities have set up shelters.
Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador collaborates in the preventive evacuation.

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