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Helping animals in need.

Owner Caught Offguard by own Rotweiler


32 yo Raúl Fernandez was held captive by his pet for more than an hour and a half after the dog bit him on both arms. It all started when Fernandez was bathing his dog named “Bull” and started to wash his head. According to Fernandez, Bull did not know who he was, became nervous and started biting both arms. Fernandez launched himself on top of Bull to immobilize him on the porch of his home in Ciudad Delgado but the fear of being attacked again kept him prisoner. A CDS EMS team arrived to stabilize the situation and offered first aid to Fernandez. Bull was turned over to FUNZEL while Fernandez was transported to the Social Security Hospital.


Loyal Dog Rocky Takes a Bullet While Defending Owner


Comandos de Salvamento offered EMS to a faithful dog that suffered a gunshot wound after defending his owner during an armed robbery this morning in downtown Sensuntepeque, Cabañas.  According to witnesses on scene, a man arrived at the “La Nueva” business establishment and pulled out a gun demanding money.  A struggle ensued and the alleged robber shot at the owner. Instantly, the owner’s vigilant dog named “Rocky” attacked and bit the criminal only to receive a bullet in the abdomen. The man staggered and ran away with a bite wound on his right arm above the elbow.  Comando EMS Volunteers arrived to find Rocky nursing his wound amongst supportive family members. The owner was transported by Police to the National Hospital of Sensuntepeque while Rocky was secured and transported by CDS to a local Veterinarian in Sensunte for higher level of care.  From there it was determined that Rocky be transported to a larger animal hospital in San Vicente for possible surgical intervention. Fotos CDS: Carlos Fuentes.

Jhonny Rescues a Canine



EMS Veteran Jhonny Ramos rescued a Dog called Molly today after she had suffered various burns on her body during a fire that occured at the home adress of 2131 pasaje 3 Colonia el Hogar, in La Rabida neighborhood of San Salvador.Various appliances, furniture and personal items were lost in the fire. The home belonged to Mrs. Elizabeth Calderón. Two vehicles were also lost. Three fire trucks from the National Fire Department controlled the scene. After Jhonny rescued Molly, her owners took her to the local veterinarian. Foto: CDS